AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. have been engaged since November 1, 1997 by B.C. Ferries to assist with a program to standardize emergency fire response proceedures throughout our southern fleet. . . read more

Specifically, AGI provides B.C. Ferries with an expert onboard program to review the working practice of the ship's crew in relation to emergency fire response capabilities, find the inexpediences, evaluate the procedures used in responding to onboard emergencies, make recommendations for improvement and provide team training.

I have been completely satisfied with thte services provided by AGI and witht he corresponding documentation of all drills/exercises conducted.


Capt. B. (Steve) Graham
Marine Superintendent
Mainland Services

Dear Mr. Halsall:

This is to express my considerable satisfaction with the program your company has initiated to provide onboard fire fighting training for our crews. . . more

Having been present at a number of the sessions and observed your team at work I am very pleased with the efficient and effective way you have helped increase and maintain our crews' skill levels. I have been informed by line managers and the Masters of our vessels that have been part of the program that they too are very pleased with the results of the training and are keen to continue the program.

It is a measure of the value of the training that you are providing us that there is considerable interest in expanding the program to all the routes and to all sizes of vessel. I look forward to developing a schedule with you that will enable us to work together with the aim of maximizing our effectiveness in this critical safety area.

Equally important to me is the acceptance by the ship's crews of your constructive criticism in the debriefing phase. Your credibility as professional marine firefighters and your excellent post-exercise sessions held directly with the participants have been key to progress in our training.

In conclusion, I must also compliment you on your flexible approach to meeting our requirements.  Thanks to your willingness to accommodate changes due to operational imperatives, we have been able to use the short periods of ship availability to best effect.

Thank you for providing an effective and efficient program of training. I look forward to continuing our business arrangements.

Capatain James K. Steele
Training Operations

It was a pleasure to meet with you and your team to participate in the shipboard firefighting training last weekend. I have received many favourable comments on the professionalism shown by AGI and on the value which the participants gained from the hands-on training. . . more

I am sure that the regional firefighters now have a greater appreciation of the difficulties posed by fires on ships, and of the specialized techniques necessary to ensure a safe and efficient response to an incident of this kind. I am hopeful that it will lead to further training in shipboard response techniques in the future.

Again, thank you for your hard work and cooperation in making this training opportunity possible.


Capt. D. (Dave) Woodman
Harour Master

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the on-board firefighting training services that you and Randy have provided for Universe Tankships. . . read more

I have heard first hand from serveral officers and crew members that they have learned a great deal from this training and recognize the benefits. The outstanding qualities of this type of training include the real-life scenarios that can be easily carried out on board as well as the constructive criticism provided for our seafarers. The feedback from the training has allowed us to take a good look at all the options for improving our firefighting capabilities.

I look forward to future AGI training sessions on our vessels as well as your visit to our office to meet with shore-based management.


David L. Stanley
Manager - Quality & Safety
Universe Tankships (Delaware) LLC


Washington State Ferries (WSF) is the largest operator of auto and passenger ferries in the United States. The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority and the firefighting capability onboard our ferries is a major part of that effort. . . read more

In July of 2001, WSF contracted with AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. of Sidney, British Columbia, Canada to perform a comprehensive review of WSF's current shipboard firefighting program. The purpose of this review was to evalutate current shipboard firefighting doctrine, current and proposed training, drills, and equipment, and to provide recommendations for improving WSF's ability to respond to shipboard fires.

The expertise that was provided by AGI's principals, Randy Morton and Ray Halsall, was invaluable for its objectivity and professional assessment. I was most impressed by their breadth of knowldge and wide range of experience. Their recommendations will help WSF focus its resources most effectively in improving our shipboard firefighting response. It was a pleasure working with two professionals who truly understand the complexities of shipboard firefighting.


Tim Browning
Port Engineer

This letter is in recommendation and support of the services offered by AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. . . read more

The Savannah Fire & Emergency Services (GA) employed the services of AGI with the hopes of establishing a formalized Shipboard Firefighting Program for Area 5 - Georgia (USA). In doing so, two members of AGI traveled to Savannah and presented a 40 hour training program encompassing both basic and advanced shipboard operations.

As a participant of this training, I openly acknowledge the quality and professionalism offered by the staff of AGI. The training provided to our members was well prepared and form fitting to the needs of our department. In cases in which mistakes or weaknesses were identified, the staff of AGI were quick to offer solutions and recommendations in a positive and reinforcing manner further exemplifying their expertise and professionalism as instructors.

It's with these thoughts in mind that I recommend the services of AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. without hesitation to any organization/department striving to improve their operations in the field of shipboard firefighting.

In support of this recommendation, I openly welcome any interested member/organization to contact me direclty concering the services provide by AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd.

Resepectfully submitted,

Timothy E. Sendelbach
Chief of Training


It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference in support of Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt's Battalion, Chief Randy Morton read more

As the Damage Control Training Officer at Damage control Training Facility GALIANO, I had the extreme privilege to work with Chief Morton for over 2 years. His willingness to work with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and our training establishments have enhanced sailors ability to effectively train tomanage emergencies onboard naval warships.

His dedication to promoting effective and safe firefighting practices in the fleet is evident as he constantly offers educational briefs to Sea Training Pacific, available ships' crews and other organizations that would benefit from understanding what services his team has to offer. Workin gto improve relationships between the Fire Hall and our salors, he provides Officer of the Day trainees an introduction to Dockyard's Fire Services to prepare them for standing home port duty wtches. His professional and exceptional work ethic instills confidence in junior salors to react promptly to stressful emergency situations onboard RCN vessles. As a resultof his efforts and discussions, he is a valued member of the team and has made the Navy safer and more efficient in firefighting techniques and continues to provide expert guidance on procedures.

I have no doubt that Chief Morton will continue to provide this high standard of support and guidance to the RCN and we will welcome any assistance he can rpovide. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 250-363-2833 or by email: Kira.Yakimovich@forces.gc.ca

Yours truly,

Kira Yakimovich
Lieutenant (Navy)
Damage Control Training Officer


As the Marine Systems Engineering Officer at Sea Training Pacific, I have had numerous opportunities to work with Battalion Chief Morton over the past 2 years.  His dedication to supporting Sea Training and Fleet initiatives is second to none . . . read more

Battalion Chief Morton’s response during shipboard fire exercises has always been to a superior level.  His excellent command and control always ensured his team was effective and safe at all times.  I have been particularity impressed by his level of confidence and professionalism when dealing with military personnel of all ranks.  In addition to his many redeeming qualities, his dedication to improving Fleet emergency response and his in-depth knowledge of the Fleet operations was admirable.  An example of which was through his consistent interest in volunteering to participate in training serials where he briefed on expectations of the DND Fire Dept along with what services they could offer the Fleet. 

His briefings greatly enhanced the ability for our ships to respond effectively to emergencies, both simulated and real.  During Sea Training led exercise within the Fleet, Battalion Chief Morton brought a level of professionalism which made it very easy, for both Sea Training and the ships, to work with.  In my opinion, the Navy is safer and more efficient in responding to fires because of Battalion Chief Morton’s efforts.

I have no doubt that Battalion Chief Morton will continue to provide this high standard of support and guidance to the RCN in whatever capacity he serves within the Fire Services.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 250-363-2247 or Ryan.Verbenkov@forces.gc.ca.  

Yours truly,

Ryan Verbenkov
Lieutenant Commander
Marine Systems Engineering Officer

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