In any emergency situation, a prompt, organized and well-rehearsed response must go into immediate action in order to minimize the effect of the emergency.

Irrespective of whether the vessel compartment is fully involved or has reported a smell-of-smoke, your personnel may be required to initiate an emergency response without assistance from any other agency. Great emphasis is placed on the initial size-up of the incident and command and control operations. It cannot be overemphasized the importance of ensuring all available manpower and equipment are utilized effectively.

AGI’s instructors assist in developing a standardized response to a variety of fire emergencies allowing remedial actions to be easily coordinated and controlled.

The success of your ship’s crew or firefighters is dependent upon:

of each team member and the organization in general.

Regardless of how sophisticated the ship’s operational or automated systems are, these may be of little or no assistance if the ship’s crew and/or fire department personnel are not trained to respond correctly in any given fire emergency.

Marine fire fighting requires a coordinated and systematic approach. Proper protocols could mean the difference between a potential catastrophic vessel fire and saving human life, the vessel and its cargo.