AGI Shipboard Fire Service - Specializing in Marine Fire Fighting Training and Shipboard Fire Fighting Training in Victoria B.C. Canada. Randy Morton and Ray Halsall

Fires can be devastating on a vessel, with serious risks to crewmembers, firefighters, passengers, ports and harbours.

Even with technological advances in fire detection and fire prevention, your seafarers or land-based firefighters will face special challenges and hazards when required to assess, contain and extinguish a fire aboard any ship. These challenges increase substantially if your personnel has yet to receive proper training to deal with a fire emergency on board your vessel, or ships in your jurisdiction . . . learn more

AGI Vision:

To develop, deliver and establish an international standard for Marine Fire Fighting, Crew Assessment and Site-Specific Team Training for Commercial Shipping Companies and Land-Based Fire Departments.

  • We tailor our training specifically to your organization’s needs, resources and capabilities.
  • We train your personnel using the equipment they would normally be required to handle an emergency with in the environment you would encounter in your jurisdiction or on your vessel.
  • We offer comprehensive courses teaching marine fire fighting response by structuring an effective team from the initiation of an alarm through completion of post-incident priorities.

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Cost Effective Training:

With training budgets feeling the same pressure as other administrative and operational requirements, AGI Shipboard Fire Service strives to improve and multiply the effect of every dollar spent by providing crew assessment and onboard training for any Shipping Company or Fire Department requiring our assistance without interrupting vessel and crew operations. . . learn more