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AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. evolved in 1996 as a result of an obvious shortage of experienced marine firefighting instructors and marine firefighting training offered to both shipping company crews and fire department personnel.

AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. was incorporated in 1997 after recognizing there was a need for specialized site-specific Emergency Preparedness training for Shipping Companies and Fire Departments concentrating primarily on “Marine Fire Fighting”.

AGI is owned and operated by Randy Morton and Ray Halsall, two senior Battalion Chiefs under contract with the Department of National Defense Fire and Emergency Services and British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., both in Victoria, British Columbia.

Our principals (Randy and Ray) have the expertise, skills and experience in shipboard firefighting, marine emergency response, shipboard firefighting organizational reviews and team training services that have met and/or exceeded our client’s expectations.
Randy Morton
Randy W. Morton
  • Principal of AGI Fire Shipboard Service Ltd.
  • Retired Battalion Chief with 35 years’ experience in the fire service
  • Holds a Fire Service Leadership Diploma
  • Certified in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards as a Level 4 Fire Officer
  • Level 3 Fire Inspector
  • Level 3 Fire Service Instructor
  • Level 2 Fire Investigator
  • Public Service Educator
  • Level 3 Fire Fighter
  • Hazardous Material Incident Commander and Hazardous Material Technician
Randy Morton was a career firefighter with the Department of National Defense at the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, British Columbia. Mr. Morton has recently retired from his position as Battalion Chief. With 35 years’ experience, he now brings this knowledge to the private sector. He is a Principal of AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd.
Chief Morton was responsible for all emergency response resources, human resource management, maintaining all firefighting disciplines, operational and general safety management under his control with the Department of National Defense in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Randy has lectured extensively to military officers at the Naval Damage Control School and senior watch keepers on board Canadian Naval vessels during his career. Randy has extensive training and experience in Emergency Scene Management, Nuclear Response Management, Arson Investigation, and specializes in Marine Fire Fighting.
Randy has developed significant experience and expertise in Fire Service Management, which he uses to assist public and private organizations in reviewing their existing firefighting practices in order to provide practical alternatives and ensure new procedures are successfully implemented throughout the organization. He has assisted with the development of fire department and shipping industry fire party reorganization in terms of structure, manning levels, muster list revisions, job competencies, emergency procedures, training and procedures improving the overall response to marine emergencies.
Randy has developed and delivered a multitude of marine fire fighter courses at the Department of National Defense. He has had articles published in International Shipping and Fire Service magazines highlighting AGI’s roll in establishing a standard within organizations responsible for marine fire protection. Randy has also lectured at Safety Conferences around the world on Site-Specific Shipboard Fire Fighting Training.
AGI is currently under contract with one of the largest ferry fleets in North America, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. AGI Shipboard Fire Service has completed contracts with other commercial shipping companies which include: Canadian Coast Guard and Northern Marine Management (Glasgow) LLC. AGI has completed training programs for Land-Based Fire Departments such as: Savannah, Georgia, USA, Fire & Rescue. This program included career firefighters from Savannah Fire Department, volunteer firefighter representatives from the surrounding jurisdictions, and US Coast Guard representative responsible for fighting fires on vessels in their jurisdictions and Prince Rupert British Columbia Fire Department. We are currently working with the Department of National Defense and British Columbia Ferry Services redefining site-specific marine fire response standards, reviewing policies and procedures, providing fire fighter crew evaluation and team training through Scenario Based Training and Reviews. Randy is also recognized by CANADEM, a Canadian Support Organization for the UN operations on their "Roster of Experts".
Raymond Halsall
Raymond Halsall
  • Principal of AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd.
  • 33 years of extensive experience as a career firefighter and fire officer
  • 13 years as Captain of North Sannich volunteer Fire Department
  • Shipboard firefighting instructor and fireboat operations instructor
  • Firefighter level 3
  • Fire Inspector level 2
  • Fire Officer level 2
  • Fire Service Instructor Level 2 and Hazardous Material Technician
Ray Halsall is a Battalion Chief with the Department of National Defense at the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt and a Captain with the North Saanich volunteer Fire Department. He is a Principal of AGI Shipboard Fire Service Ltd.
He has 33years experience in the fire service with the Department of National Defense, Emergency Services Division in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  
AGI focuses upon providing comprehensive, quality, emergency preparedness services with cost effective solutions. As a principle in this independent consulting and training company specializing in Marine Firefighting training, Ray draws upon his 33years of extensive experience as a career and volunteer fire officer, shipboard firefighting instructor and fireboat operations instructor with the Department of National Defense. Ray complements his practical knowledge base with certifications meeting the requirements of the B.C. Fire Commissioner's Office and the National Fire Protection Association's standards as Fire Officer Level 2, Firefighter level 3, Fire Inspector level 2, Fire Service Instructor level 2 and Hazardous Material Technician.
Raymond Halsall also has specialized training and qualifications in High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Hazardous Material Operations, Nuclear Response, Accident Investigator and Water Front Fire Fighting and Rescue.
In his work with AGI, Ray operates as a team member responsible for providing training to both private and public agencies that respond to marine emergencies and structural emergencies, with procedures to identify, describe and safely respond to potential emergencies.
Ray specializes in developing site-specific practical scenarios and leading crews through detailed training situations. The purpose of which is to develop risk assessments, in order to identify possible shortfalls in an organization’s emergency response capability. This service as provided to port authorities, land based fire departments and shipping companies allows for their specific needs that must be continually reviewed, updated and maintained as business conditions and regulations change.
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